Used, Old, New, Upgrades and Thermal Cameras

Due to the ever-changing thermography industry and the changing needs of our customers, we understand that buying a brand new camera sometimes isn’t suitable - or feasible - for many of the people we help. This is why it is important that you look to work with a company that gives you a range of options and opportunities so that you can get the best deal, but also the best experience for you when working with the incredible technology that thermal cameras have.

In this blog, we will be giving you some insight into how we are able to save customers in most cases up to 40%, the most popular routes our customers make when purchasing their thermal camera from us and more details to help you make the right decision, so that you are well informed and taken care of.

Reap back the costs (by trading in your old camera for a new model)

The more advances our industry has, the more companies are striving to stay as up to date as possible with the latest technology. If not careful, this can become a big expense for a business. This is why we now offer business owners the ability to trade in their old used camera for something new, which can offset some of the costs related to buying a brand new model.

That’s the great thing about thermal cameras, because of the technology and the capabilities they have, even after first purchasing one, they are still valuable assets even after a couple of years of being used. Naturally, we check to ensure that any old and used cameras are still in good condition, have been well maintained and looked after. But in most cases, due to our reach, the demand and our contacts, we able to sell our customers used cameras very quickly and can save both parties up to 40%. If this interests you get in touch and reference this blog post.

That often means that you can grab a second-hand camera which has only been used a couple of times without paying the full retail price!


That often means that you are able to sell your camera without less hassle, and upgrade to a newer model quicker. Allowing your business to take advantage of being able to work smarter via integrative Wi-Fi, MSX, Picture in Picture and higher definitions. Stay up to date with the latest technology and even more ahead of your competitors.

thermal camera hire

Did you know that we are currently one of the only providers in the UK which sells old and used thermal cameras?

Though we are aware that some may prefer to use other second-hand sites to buy and sell thermal cameras, and then look to purchase their next camera. With Thermascan, you can save time by integrating and streamlining that entire process. Know that you are being looked after every step of the way and that the camera you are buying or selling is still of great quality.

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