Thermal Imaging Services

Thermascan's Services include FLIR Thermal Camera Sales, Thermal Imaging & Accessory Hire

As one of the UK’s largest thermal imaging service specialists, we offer a range of services. From thermal surveys to thermal imaging camera calibration, we're confident we can help, whatever your needs.

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In some circumstances, investment in your own equipment for thermal surveys is not feasible or practical. In these cases, we can either provide a thermal imaging camera to hire, or an engineer to take care of the whole thermal survey for you. On-site inspections can be carried out on a one-off basis, or scheduled as part of your regular maintenance program. If found, imminent and future problems will be highlighted by our engineers, allowing repairs to be carried out during regular maintenance. Should our engineers identify an actual safety hazard during their inspection, they will alert you straight away, meaning immediate action can be taken.

More information on thermal surveys can be found here, or in these handy guides from FLIR: Guidebook for Building and Renewable Energy Applications, Guidebook for Industrial Applications.