Why you should treat your partner to a thermal imagery camera this Christmas.

We all know how hard it can be every year to find that one ‘awkward’ person in the family a great Christmas present they will really use and enjoy for years to come. Our advice? Forget the socks or the chocolates. Get them a thermal camera that will stick around! Here are 7 reasons why a thermal camera might be the perfect Christmas present solution you never expected.

If you loose your child in the snow...


Your thermal camera will be able to detect your child with complete ease if they happened to gotten themselves deep thick in snow! Perfect for when snow hits the UK again, if you’re off to the slopes in Switzerland, Italy or beyond, be sure to pack your thermal camera in your luggage!

We all know someone who LOVES a good gadget whether it’s big or small...


We all have that one person in our life that we know has nearly EVERY gadget imaginable in their house. But we can bet 99.9% they won’t have a thermal camera in their collection!

We all know someone who's a budding artist….

Untitled design (10).png

Take inspiration from the incredibly talented Penny Croft and use your thermal camera to create beautiful pieces of art! These paintings were created thanks to its technology. Commissioned during the 2012 Olympics, Penny showed how versatile the thermal camera can be if you let your imagination run wild!

To see whether you have missed spotting any squirrels on your winter walk.



To spot incoming bears creeping up ahead!


For when you have that ‘emergency’ in the house over the holidays that you can’t seem to figure out…


Hidden damp in the house, lost cats, identifying gaps in your insulation. A thermal camera can become a handy tool to always have in the house whenever you need it, which is normally when you least expect it.

Check to see if that Christmas turkey is cooked inside….


Because there is nothing worse than a turkey that’s overcooked or not cooked at all!

We hope you enjoyed this blog and hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!