Why it's time your company invested.

Considering the current political and economic climate, many industries have been hit hard in recent years with substantial and often near detrimental budget cuts and pressures. Within these industries and sectors, often the most financially constrained and overlooked area within some business operations, yet put under the most pressure to maintain their targets and performance, are most often the teams within the security divisions.

With this in mind, this puts these departments in extremely difficult situations in regards to where they decide to place their budget, investment and spending. For many years thermal cameras was only a ‘desirable’ component businesses dreamed of, with the latter always being out of reach except for the usage and purpose of military and governmental assistance.

However, with the increased demand, companies like Thermascan are now able to offer hire facilities and more competitive prices in comparison to the last decade, while still offering quality and effective equipment when companies as and when they need it most.

Though thermal cameras are increasingly becoming more integrated into standard security procedures - with many insurance companies requesting only high spec quality cameras to be used by businesses – the biggest difficulty can be convincing certain stakeholders to invest substantial budget into vital resources long term for their business.

We’ve summarized the main points why your company should consider investing only in high quality thermal imagery equipment, to help you understand their importance and the cheapest option – when it comes to thermal cameras – is never the path to take.


Cover all angles.

Especially for large business spaces, it is important to ensure that your camera is able to both cover the most space per metre while also maintaining quality and accuracy. The cheaper the camera, the less likely they will be able to cover your business premises effectively, and the more likely your company will have to buy additional cameras in order to cover the entire premises.


Condense and combine your existing equipment and tools.

Purchasing a premium camera means that you are able to take advantage of an extensive range of product features and applications, whereas a budget range cameras often might not be able to provide you with all the features and tools you need to do your job. Purchasing a premium and extensive camera might allow you to replace the majority of your current CCTV cameras and accessory infrastructure that you usually use to monitor the area optimally and effectively.

Therefore, although some can be put off by the upfront costings and investment required for thermal cameras, they can in the long run become a very low cost and effective option.


Details can make or break you.

Imagine the most unfortunate circumstance that could arise in your day to day business where you would need to heavily rely on your camera or detection equipment. Now imagine what could happen if you were not able to detect a potential fault or resolve this scenario due to your existing software or equipment not being able to provide you with the right or exact information in order to quickly and effectively resolve your issue. Whether this would cost your business time, money or lives, ensuring you invest in only the best equipment should be the only option your company chooses to take.

The simple fact is: not all thermal security cameras are created equal. For many security professionals and external stakeholders, knowing which camera is required specifically for them and only relying on the marketing material available can put people in potentially a vulnerable position. This is why we personally recommend anyone who is unsure or is looking for a second opinion to contact us directly for your free review and consultation. Don’t leave it up to chance.

To find out what camera is right for you feel free to contact us now either on email: sales@thermascan.co.uk or call us on: 01234 219421