Monthly News Round Up - September

Welcome back to Thermascan's monthly news round up. Can you believe we've made it to Autumn already! September's monthly round up features all the very best news, articles, and videos from across the world, all about thermal imaging. As ever, if you've spotted anything that you think deserves a mention, let us know!


"Thermal imaging technology: What can it do for the dairy industry?" - Manufacturers in Sweden have developed a thermal imager that specifically focuses on the problems of mastitis in dairy cows. Mastitis, a disease infecting the mammary glands and udder tissue of lactating animals, costs European farmers an estimated 20-60 thousand euros a year, each! Thermal imaging allows farmers to spot early signs of the disease, allowing them to treat it quickly and naturally.

"Entrancing Infrared GIFs Show Where Groundwater Burble to the Surface" - Wired: Geophysicists at the USGS Office of Groundwater have taken images of groundwater using a thermal imaging camera and converted them into these fantastic GIFs. The thermal helps to highlight the differences in temperature between the fairly warm groundwater, and the cooler surface water.

"Dr Pepper is not a real doctor, but it could help overloaded schools prioritise patients" - Dr Pepper, the creation of one of the teams participating in the Disrupt Hackathon back in the beginning of September, is a robot created to help ease the workload of school nurses. Alongside colour recognition, Dr Pepper uses thermal imaging to detect patients temperatures, identifying those who may have a fever.

"Beneath the surface" - This detailed and informative article looks at the role of thermal imaging in law enforcement. It specifically focuses on thermal imaging's usage within a medical context, as opposed to surveillance.

"Exterion Creates Media First by Using Thermal Imaging for WaterWipes Campaign" - AdWorld: As part of an ad campaign for Irish brand WaterWipes, parents and babies were invited to take part in a thermal imaging demonstration, from which images we displayed in one of their  'Pure Love' pods through a weekend in August. The thermal imaging was used to illustrate for parents the 'magic behind skin to skin contact'. 

"Nanoporous polyethylene fabric acts as reverse greenhouse" - arstechnica UK: Using thermal imaging, researchers have been developing a new fabric that acts as a 'personal thermal management system', helping to provide 'cooling directly to the human body'. They argue that this could help to reduce the energy usage, and follow on environmental effects, that stem from reliance on air conditioning systems. (Not all that much of a problem here in the UK we must admit!)


"Soldier Who Lost Leg Becomes Disabled Strong Man Champion" - All 4: Following on from the fantastic Paralympic Games that took place in Rio earlier this month, Channel 4 told the story of Mark Smith, a soldier who lost his right leg after being shot on active duty. Channel 4 followed his journey to becoming the Disabled Strong Man Champion, capturing some fantastic thermal footage with a FLIR camera.

"Thermal Imaging - Environmental Monitoring" - Uaviation: This fascinating video looks at how thermal imaging is used in monitoring various aspects of the environment, using a drone equipped with an infrared camera.

"Applications of Thermal Imaging Camera" - Synergy Files: Another interesting video, this time looking at the various uses for a thermal imaging camera, from biology to security.

"Workswell - Animals in the zoo: World in InfraRed" - Workswell s.r.o: A great compilation of thermal images of various animals you would find in a zoo. Our favourites are the flamingos!

"Koala Spotting with Thermal Imaging Drones" - UAVwholesale: More animals! This video looks at the use of thermal imaging equipped drones to spot koalas sitting in the tops of trees in Australian forests. This is particularly important knowledge for harvesters, so they can avoid an koala related mishaps whilst chopping down trees! 

So, that's it for this month's news round up. We hope you enjoyed looking back at September's most popular posts.

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