Thermal Camera Hire or Purchase? Pros and Cons

The most common question we get asked is whether people should opt for thermal camera hire or purchase a thermal camera from us.

We know this can be a difficult decision to make, so to make this process and decision making a little easier. In this blog, we decided to share our experiences and thoughts, giving you both what the advantages and disadvantages could be depending on what option you choose.

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Thermal Camera Hire - Advantages

* Enables you to keep up to date with the latest technology, meaning that every rental you could be using an even better camera every time, meaning better results and decision making. For example, newer models in the industry have Wi-Fi, MSX, Picture in Picture and higher definitions.

* Keep ahead in the industry and ahead of competitors

* Usually the most cost effective for short-term projects or needs

* Flexible hiring options provide enough variety to give customers value for money, and only pay for the time they actually use the camera for

* If you are looking to purchasing a camera, the option to hire from our wide range of cameras at multiple times will enable you to try different ones before making the purchasing decision

* If you are new to thermal cameras, hiring provides you with enough time to learn the basics and understand the power of thermology and see how it could make a difference in your day to day

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Potential Setbacks & Things To Consider

* Is there a chance that the project could take a longer duration to complete? If you think your project could take longer than 3 months to complete then hiring a camera might not be the most cost-effective and efficient route for your business to take.

* Leading on from this, on average how many times a year do you currently hire a thermal camera? Long-term would it be more cost effective to own your own thermal camera to use and as when it’s needed?

* Think to yourself…”If I didn’t have a time limit and owned a thermal camera, would there be other ways I could use the camera which would positively impact the business long-term, whether that be being able to complete more surveys,

analytics on a regular basis, upselling services and products to existing and potential clients, gaining more insight or saving money?”

Thermal Camera Purchase - Advantages

* The biggest advantage people love is one of convenience. Your camera is ready to use in times of emergency or need without the hassle of having to go through any hiring processing.

* Due to the extensive technology and standard of thermal cameras, over time this still allows you to be able to resale your ‘old’ model and offset the cost of any new models you wish to bring in-house

* Having your own thermal camera in-house can save businesses time and money. Time relating to the hiring process as mentioned above, having a member of your team (The customer would need to fill out relevant paperwork, and provide insurance docs and payment in order to hire.) collecting the rental camera, filling out paper work etc, and potentially if your preferred choice of camera is already out for rental, delays with being able to use your camera can occur. However all the above can be eradicated when purchasing your own thermal camera.

* The money saved over time can be groundbreaking, to see whether your business would be able to save, we advise that you look across your entire business lifespan up to this present moment and then make your assessments, as to only looking at the past 12 months or so for example

Potential Setbacks & Things To Consider

* Will the thermal camera you are looking to purchase have ALL the features you are looking for? If not, you might still need to hire a thermal in order to cover all areas, if this is the case, we would advise having a more in-depth look into the needs of the business and what this camera will be able to do for your business.

* Do you have the resources within your team to fully maximize the use of having a thermal camera in-house?

* Will the needs of the business dramatically change over the next 12+ months? As this might impact your decision as to whether hiring or purchasing a thermal camera is the best option.

There are a lot of things to consider, sometimes more than people realise at first glance! It’s rare that people know the exact model they need. But that’s why we are here. Thermography and cameras are our passion!

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