Should You Hire A Thermal Camera?

Are you looking to hire a thermal camera but not sure whether it's the right option for you? Hiring a thermal camera is actually more common than you might think! We’ve put together a few pointers to consider to help you make the right choice.

Sometimes our thermal cameras are only needed for small periods of time, from household leaks to in-depth veterinary investigation, so not all of our clients need to invest in purchasing a camera for long-term use.

Here are some of the key benefits our clients experience when hiring their thermal camera(s) as opposed to purchasing a camera upfront:

Cost Effective

If you are looking to purchase a thermal camera, you could be spending anything up to £30k. It can be a large investment into the business and deciding on rental or purchase all comes down to the usage. This is why we offer our rental service to all our customers. If a client or customer starts to regularly rent thermal cameras from us, for example, if it was a monthly hire and for extended periods of time, then it maybe advisable to look into purchasing your own thermal camera.

Get to try before they buy

Renting / hiring can be a great way to try a variety of different thermal cameras out first hand before making the investment of purchasing. In some businesses, it can take hiring a thermal camera for a couple of days to illustrate to higher management how much insight they can gain from the device and how beneficial it can be to have a thermal camera on hand. No one thermal camera is the same and depending on the sector and industry the camera will be used can depend on what camera is best for the job at hand.

The types of sectors that we find benefit the most from hiring/renting a thermal camera from us are industries such as surveyors, plumbers, builders, homeowners, companies that manufacture goods, vets, the film industry, and electricians.

Use of more than one camera

Some jobs or tasks require the use of two different cameras, this is so they can get the results and information they need. This is a most common practice in wildlife research when clients are entering a new environment or unknown territory for the first time, they might hire a second camera which possesses slightly different functions in order to get the most out of a visit or expedition. Another example would be manufacturing plants such as Nissan, who would typically require more than one camera for different angles on the machinery, waste plants who are looking at large waste heaps, and also research development projects who are looking at a range of sites in a particular time frame.

Flexibility: long-term and short-term hire

Many of our clients enjoy the flexibility of hiring a camera, as they can adapt to unforeseen changes and demands quicker if they need a little longer to get the most out of their chosen thermal camera and functions. Our minimum hire period is 3 days, with the option of longer-term rentals from 7 days upwards for longer excursions or when a degree of testing and trialling is required for the client to do.  

Most Popular Industries/Tasks Which Use A Thermal Camera

In our own experience, these are the industries that benefit the most from short-term hiring of our thermal cameras.

-          Electrical Inspections

-          Building Inspections i.e. houses, flats, heat loss, water leaks etc.

-          Filming Applications

-          Veterinary Applications i.e. scans and x-rays.

-          Mechanical Applications - overheating, monitoring motors & gearboxes

If your industry isn’t above, then don’t be disheartened, rental/hire is still likely to be a great option to consider. As we offer an overview and training on the cameras if the customer requires us to do so, this means that we get a lot of householders looking for leaks or checking for heat loss and looking for missing pets, giving the everyday user the power and confidence to use the cameras to the best of their ability.

If you’re looking to hire/rent a thermal camera for either personal or professional use. Book your free consultation here.