Monthly News Round Up - June

It's that time again, welcome to the June edition of our monthly news round up. We're now past the longest day of the year, and it is officially summer (if only in theory here in the UK). Here, we've put together the comprehensive list of all you need to know from the month just gone. If you like what you see, please feel free to share amongst your own friends and followers, and be sure to check us out on social media for up to date news and offers!


"9 Reasons You Should Get an Infrared Camera" - Inverse: If you're on the fence on whether or not an infrared camera is a good purchase, this list of 'nine times you might be surprised by how your infrared device could come in handy' may well just sway you. From using them as a thermometer when you're ill, to night time wildlife spotting, there's far more to thermal cameras than you might think!

"Can this camera tell if you're in love? Thermal imaging device could be used to test the strength of people's feelings" - MailOnline: Psychologists at the University of Granada used a thermal imaging camera to look at the changing temperatures of people's extremities, claiming it is an 'impartial way to tell whether a person is actually in love or not'. Any validity to these tests remains to be seen, but it is certainly an interesting use of thermal imaging!

"Trees cut heat on city's streets" - The West Australian: Perth City Council have used thermal imaging to look at the different temperatures in the city's central business district. With summer temperatures rising to well over 30°C, the council are looking at ways of keeping the streets cooler for pedestrians. 

"Hot Spot can be fooled by silicone bat tapes, claim MIT scientists" - Sportskeeda: Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have spent the past six months examining the hot spot decision review system of professional cricket. Their work has found that tape used by batsmen to protect their bats can have some impact on the thermal imaging technology, thereby potentially giving them a way of beating the system. We're particularly interested in this story after having worked with the ICC (International Cricket Council) earlier this year.

"Patterns Identified in Mars Dust Storm by Thermal Imaging Say NASA Scientists" - Sky Met Weather: Using the Thermal Emission Spectrometer on the Mars Global Surveyor, NASA scientists have identified three types of dust storm on the red planet. These findings are significant in that they could help to predict dust storms, and therefore help in planning 'human venture' on the planet in the future. 

"From'Guess' to 'Best': How Infrared Cameras Are Increasing Accuracy And Insight In Product Testing" - Photonics Online: In a white paper written for the site, FLIR sets out the argument that infrared cameras 'deliver a major data-gathering advantage over legacy approaches to temperature measurement.' This advantage then means that users can prevent potentially costly failures and hazards, both in terms of finance and staff safety.

"How technology could help predict terrorist attacks" - The Conversation: This article discusses the uses of varying technologies in spotting and preventing potential terror threats. It specifically mentions a study carried out by researchers at Honeywell Laboratories in the USA, which used thermal imaging to identify the heat pattern that occurs around the eyes when someone is attempting to deceive another person. They then suggested that this could be used in airport screenings to filter out potentially dangerous passengers.


"Thermal Bats" - The Scientist: Incredible infrared footage of over half a million bats emerging from their cave, in the middle of the night, to forage for food. In the pitch blackness of the Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico, the thermal imaging makes the bats look like beautiful fire flies! 

"Resistor vs. Power Supply" - Tim Drysdale: Shared as part of our 'Science Friday' initiative, this video demonstrates Ohm's Law using a thermal camera to measure and illustrate the temperature rise.

"Thermal Tesla Cars | Making a baseball video" - samandniko: The first thirty seconds of this video shows some fantastic thermal footage of Tesla cars, filmed using a FLIR T660 thermal imaging camera. 

"Infrared thermography and juggling" - ThinkThermally: Instead of Science Friday, this particular week featured some Friday afternoon play time. This fun little video shows off some serious joggling skills in infrared! 

"Dog in infrared by FLIR thermal camera" - WorkswellVideos: A little bit of cute to end this month's round-up, the light relief we could all do with at the moment! Just a small clip of a playing puppy shot in thermal.

And that's it for June! If you spot any stories and videos that you think should be included in our monthly round up for July, let us know. Contact us via our online form, or get in touch via social media.

We hope you have enjoyed this month's news round up. Enjoy the sunshine (if it stays!), and we'll see you again in a month's time.