More Pixels, Same Price!; new FLIR E-Series special offer..

For a limited time only, FLIR are offering their fantastic Ex-Series, and Exx[bx]-Series ranges at reduced prices. From 15th April to 30th September 2016, when you quote promo code Free Upgrade EMEA 2016, you could save hundreds of pounds on a brand new E5, E6 or E60[bx]!

  • Get a FLIR E5 for the price of a FLIR E4.

  • Get a FLIR E6 for the price of a FLIR E5.

  • Get a FLIR E60[bx] for the price of a FLIR E50[bx].

"FLIR Ex-Series cameras are point-and-shoot thermal imaging cameras that give you access to a new dimension. A FLIR Ex-Series camera is an affordable replacement for a spot pyrometer. It provides a thermal image with temperature information on every pixel. The combined image storage of the new MSX®, thermal and visual formats make the cameras incomparably easy to use". 

"FLIR Exx-Series has a variety of different resolutions to choose from. On top of that, the variety of interchangeable lenses lets you switch to wide angle for capturing more of the scene in one shot or telephoto to see and measure temperatures on distant and smaller targets. Manual focus helps you dial in the sharpest clarity and finest accuracy. Features like MSX® and a simple touchscreen make the Exx-Series a great tool for the professional thermographer".

For more information, including prices, please call us on 01234 219421 or via our online contact form.

*Only one upgrade per purchase. Images used for illustration purposes only. ©Copyright 2016, FLIR Systems Inc. Technical specifications subject to change without notice. All offers are valid from April 15th - September 30th, 2016. This promotion is valid in EMEA only.