“FLIR releases ground breaking high definition handheld thermal camera”

In September 2015, FLIR announced the release of the FLIR T1020, otherwise known as the T1K. A premium thermal camera for use in range of industrial and building diagnostics applications, the T1K is a high definition handheld camera with “exceptional measurement performance, outstanding image clarity, and a highly responsive user-interface.”

The T1K allows you to ‘find hot spots quickly, measure them precisely, and streamline your entire work process.’

The T1K’s 1024x768 pixel uncooled infrared detector provides excellent image quality, further boosted by the addition of FLIR Vision Processing™, which combines FLIR’s UltraMax™ super resolution process with their patented MSX® image enhancement software. The software analysis visual details and perspective, such as numbers and labels, over the full resolution image.

The T1K features FLIR’s OSX™Precision HDIR optics, which deliver “superior image quality and range performance and allow for accurate temperature measurements from twice as far away compared to the industry standard lenses.” The camera also features a new focusing system, offering you both continuous focus and manual focus options.

Thermascan will be one of just four distributors in the UK that will be stocking the T1K.

Due to its high definition imagery, the T1K would also be ideal for film and television production. 

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