Why You Should Consider Winter Thermography

Both business owners and homeowners could be wasting large amounts of money by not making sure their property or premises is protected against cold air sneaks, damp, moisture and/or drafts…

Thermal Cameras for Automated Applications & Inspections

Find out about how thermal cameras have transformed businesses and the way they automate their business applications and inspections.

Should You Hire A Thermal Camera?

Here are some of the key benefits our clients experience when hiring their thermal camera(s) as opposed to purchasing a camera upfront.

We're Hiring! We've got an opening for a Junior Office/Marketing Assistant

Thermascan Ltd. is one of the UK’s largest specialists in thermal imaging and infrared technology and all its applications. 


We are looking for an honest, professional, motivated person to fill a vacancy we have for a Full-Time Junior Office/Marketing Assistant.


This diverse role will include a variety of tasks - a general interest in social media would be advantageous. 


We want to take a critical look at our existing social media offering from every angle, and to find new ways to grow and cultivate our audience. You will be a vital part of that conversation.


You’ll be responsible for the creation of new content for our online platforms, from blogs on our website to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - working with relevant departments in order to compile this content.


We are looking for can do type person who is willing to learn and get involved in all aspects of the day to day running of the office and our online Social Media.


The day to day role will involve:

Answering the telephone

Producing new content for both social media platforms and our own website

Creating and developing social media strategies

Updating and monitoring Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Analysing statistics and trends using analytics

Development and sending of email marketing campaigns

Assisting with social media campaigns

Maintaining customer databases

Contacting customers to book in work

Undertaking general office duties


The essential qualities we are looking for include:

IT literate: must have some working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and Outlook

Good standard of grammar/spelling

Excellent organisational and time management skills

Willingness to learn

A 'Can do’ flexible attitude and an eye for detail

Professional, friendly approach

A minimum of 5 GCSE’s at grade C or above

Full training to be provided.


If you are looking for an exciting opportunity and your skills match the above, then please send your CV and a cover letter to tina@thermascan.co.uk

Closing Date: 5th August 2018

Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £14,000 per year

Location: Bedford Town Centre






Why Are Certifications, Qualifications and Training in the Thermal Imagery Sector Important?

When it comes to thermography, we would argue that the need to validate your services via accreditation and professional training is even more important to have. Why? Because thermology is an industry that helps many other industries keep their staff and others around them safe all at times. It also helps large companies support the ever-increasing expanding world we live in

Why you should treat your partner to a thermal imagery camera this Christmas.

We all know how hard it can be every year to find that one ‘awkward’ person in the family a great Christmas present they will really use and enjoy for years to come. Our advice? Forget the socks or the chocolates. Get them a thermal camera that will stick around! Here are 7 reasons why a thermal camera might be the perfect Christmas present solution you never expected.

If you loose your child in the snow...


Your thermal camera will be able to detect your child with complete ease if they happened to gotten themselves deep thick in snow! Perfect for when snow hits the UK again, if you’re off to the slopes in Switzerland, Italy or beyond, be sure to pack your thermal camera in your luggage!

We all know someone who LOVES a good gadget whether it’s big or small...


We all have that one person in our life that we know has nearly EVERY gadget imaginable in their house. But we can bet 99.9% they won’t have a thermal camera in their collection!

We all know someone who's a budding artist….

Untitled design (10).png

Take inspiration from the incredibly talented Penny Croft and use your thermal camera to create beautiful pieces of art! These paintings were created thanks to its technology. Commissioned during the 2012 Olympics, Penny showed how versatile the thermal camera can be if you let your imagination run wild!

To see whether you have missed spotting any squirrels on your winter walk.



To spot incoming bears creeping up ahead!


For when you have that ‘emergency’ in the house over the holidays that you can’t seem to figure out…


Hidden damp in the house, lost cats, identifying gaps in your insulation. A thermal camera can become a handy tool to always have in the house whenever you need it, which is normally when you least expect it.

Check to see if that Christmas turkey is cooked inside….


Because there is nothing worse than a turkey that’s overcooked or not cooked at all!

We hope you enjoyed this blog and hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!


Suitable for electrical inspections, building and mechanical applications, jokes aside thermal cameras have a wide range of uses which goes beyond your conventional. Purchase a FLIR E6 or E8 from Thermascan before 31st December 2017 and receive a free clamp meter. Don’t miss out!

To take advantage of this offer or find out more about how the FLIR E6 & E8 and how it can help you click here 

Thermal Imagery 101: Wildlife

One question that is asked most frequently from our clients is what is the biggest difference between a £300 camera and a £3,000 camera? The answer, the quality and resolution of the end result which is ultimately what you see and what drives your decisions going forward. The better the camera, the better the picture and better the decision making.


Wildlife professionals, film crew and vets often have to make big decisions depending on their circumstances. For example, when a wildlife expert such as Sir David Attenborough looks to detect an animal, the quality of the thermal camera can play a key role. Often an animal will not exhibit many outward signals when first arriving at a vet, however, what will determine whether there is a potentially dangerous problem would be a scan which uses thermal imagery technology. There are many ways in which the safety of animals lie with the power of thermal imagery and cameras. Even down to the simple case of trying to find out where your cat is hiding!

Now don’t worry, we’re not going to scare you with any horror stories or share of any animals being harmed in any way. However, we thought we would share with you one key area where the quality of the thermal camera can play when a researcher or film crew looks to detect an animal...yes you guessed it. The body temperature of an animal! Sometimes the differences can be so meniscal, which is another reason why a quality thermal camera is so important! Take a look below at how small these differences can be when it comes to some of our favourite animal species:

images (1).jpg




How Thermal Cameras Will Change The Motor Industry

In this blog, we will take you through two major advancements in the car/traffic industry recently that have been introduced and developed as a result of optimizing the power of thermal camera technology. Many still fail to recognize the importance and effectiveness of thermal camera imagery. However in years to come, with the current talks of driverless cars being introduced into the world, everyone will be talking about this incredible technology.

There are many concerns from the public regarding the evolution to come that is driverless cars and how this will be possible. The main question is how they will work and be reliable? For example, how will the car be able to detect people, objects or animals in the road without causing harm? Using deep learning computer vision algorithms and thermal technology, regardless of the weather conditions, or whether it is day or night, the thermal camera can understand any road, any surroundings and the conditions that are present, meaning that the car will be able to be alert at all times and be better equipped to analyze and predict what's best to do next. Whereas humans - as we all know - cannot always be so alert, responsive or accurate. Often only allowing themselves a small distance to react and prevent a collision when driving.

With the number of car accidents are at the highest yet according to governmental records, with over 1,792 road deaths last year (2016) and 181,384 casualties, the main initiative behind all advancements in these areas will be to improve safety on the roads and reduce the number of deaths and casualties caused as a result of general driving.

Though it is expected that we will have to wait at least a few years - with some car manufacturers claiming to have driverless cars launched by 2020 - to be able to test a driverless car out for ourselves, we are already witnessing the use of thermal cameras being used to prevent fatal but avoidable crashes.

For example, a recent trial was conducted in the Arizona, where they experienced over 700 drivers in 2017 accidentally entering their freeways the opposite way. With the risk of causing potentially life-threatening incidents which could continue to involve many people's lives affected, it involved using the thermal cameras to spot wrong-way vehicles on freeway off-ramps, potentially reducing the risk of harm caused.

Though the concept itself is still within its trail phrase, during its trial it has successfully alerted authorities of wrong-way vehicles approaching the freeway, which meant that overhead message boards and the DPS could be warned with much more time to spare and act quickly to the upcoming incident.

It is an exciting time for thermal technology in many industries, the car industry is one of many industries who will soon be taking full advantage of what thermal cameras have to offer. If you are interested in how thermal cameras can take your business and industry to the next level, why not send us an email to find out how to stay ahead and keep up to date with recent advancements going on in your industry?

Signs to look out for. Do you need to use a thermal camera?

We understand how difficult it can be at first to decide whether you and/or your company need to invest in either purchasing or hiring a thermal camera. Often what can help you come to a decision is to look for potential signs. If you are unsure about what you should be looking for, then read on, as we go through some of the tale tell signs that you should be looking out for which could highlight to you that it’s time to invest in the amazing technology that is thermal technology!

download (1).jpg

You are cannot achieve the level of quality, accuracy, and detail in your current equipment.  

The accuracy of the data and information you have can make a massive difference to how you go about resolving, fixing, or not even acknowledging the true extend of the problem. Especially in industries such as plumbing, nuclear energy and sewage, being a few decimals out can be the difference between an enormous danger or meltdown. If you cannot achieve the highest level of quality, reliable and accurate data you are after, then perhaps now is the time to look more into thermal imagery cameras.

Feeling the cold?

Is your house particularly cold in the winter months? Is a certain room much colder than the rest? If so, instead of simply whacking up the central heating in your house and hoping you will start to feel cost at night, it might be worth doing some more in depth investigating using thermal technology in order to determine whether your house installation is doing its job properly. If not, you can more than likely expect high energy bills coming your way. There could unknowingly be a gap within your installation which causing you to loose more heat than the usual household.



When you are looking at purchasing or renting a new property.

When purchasing a new place, it’s essential that you know your new building inside, outside and in between the lines before parting with your hard earned cash. In this instance, hiring a thermal camera will mean that you know EXACTLY where you stand when it comes to your new potential property. Don’t just assume there are no problems with your new house or commercial building, find out for yourself and look externally for verification. Save yourself the stress, hassle, and worry of what you’re going to do now you’ve overspent on your budget and now faced with a potential danger to the property that you just can’t get away from. Because let’s face it, none of us like nasty surprises! Investigate now so you don’t have to worry later. 

download (2).jpg

You know there’s a problem, but you can’t see it with the naked eye?

Are you loosing pressure in your boiler regularly? Did you call your plumber and they couldn’t see the solution with their naked eye, so sent you on your way with no real answer? This could be the right time to start using thermal technology to detect the real problem head on. Time is money, therefore the more time the problem continues, the more it can start to cost you over the long term. Save your money and your time by investing in a thermal camera.

You are responsible for a large amount of machinery.

It goes without saying, ensuring that all equipment and machinery is running as efficiently and safely as possible should be the top priority for any company or organization that rely heavily on its production. Look below at these questions to get you thinking about the potential areas you and your company should be considering on a regular basis.

Are you checking your machinery on a regular basis?

What is your system for doing the above? Does your current system ensure all areas are covered with accuracy and detail?

Have you noticed a decrease in efficiency and productivity?

This is the most important area that you should act on immediately, but with extreme caution as this could highlight a potential danger which is yet to emerge or arise.


If equipment is not running as efficiently, this could be a case that there has been a difference in temperate within the machinery or external environment around them which needs urgent attention, not the case that you need to apply more pressure and ramp up the production speed. If you do not have a thermal camera within your current procedure for monitoring your machinery, and temperature changes like these go unnoticed, this could result in your business facing additional and unexpected costs. Such as dedicating extensive time and effort to resolve the problem, or worst-case scenario, being forced to dedicate additional budget and resources to purchasing a brand new piece of machinery.

The best advice we could give anyone is to invest as early as possible. Why? Because from our own professional experience, thermal cameras have the incredible advantage of being able to help people detect unseen issues and potential dangers before they get out of hand before it’s too late and before they start to take more time, effort and money that they planned or forecasted.

You can use Thermal Cameras how?!

You can use Thermal Cameras how?!

When we speak to the general public about thermal camera imagery, people are always shocked at how many ways it can be used in everyday life! Gone are the days where thermal imagery is used only for the few...

Why it's time your company invested.

Why it's time your company invested.

Considering the current political and economic climate, many industries have been hit hard in recent years with substantial and often near detrimental budget cuts and pressures. Within these industries and sectors, often the most financially constrained and overlooked area within some business operations, yet put under the most pressure to maintain their targets and performance, are most often the teams within the security divisions...