Thermal Imaging Camera Sales

We supply a wide range of FLIR infrared cameras & accessories to suit all budgets, & regularly update our stock to ensure that we offer the most up to date thermal imaging camera technologies on the market.

Why should you invest?

  • FLIR can help detect plumbing leakage, damp issues and faults as well as ensuring energy efficiency by surveying installation on buildings in a timely manner

  • Thermography cameras can identify electrical faults like poor connections, electrical leakage, insulator defects and internal fuse damage, helping you complete your job effectively

  • Thermal Imaging can help find leaks in pumps, pipes and valves, installation breakdowns and air conditioning efficiently, helping to identify problem areas without having to cause damage to property


Handheld Infrared Cameras

The following Infrared cameras are ideal for use in a range of applications, including thermal imaging surveys, film and video production, and veterinary diagnostics. Each Infrared camera model is listed with its common usages. However, if you are still unsure on what model you may need, please visit the relevant application page, or contact us.


FLIR Software

With FLIR Tools+ you can create high quality reports at ease with the software that allows you to play back footage like never before. The addition of FLIR Thermal studio allows you to construct cutting edge reports with advanced capabilities.


Thermal Automation

The following cameras are some of our newest models, and are mainly used for automation purposes.


For further information please contact us.