Thermal Imaging in Security Services

The ability to measure temperature has many benefits to security and reinsurance situations. Compared to the standard CCTV camera, FLIR Systems has created cameras that have the ability to see what the naked eye or a standard camera cannot; meaning you get the best service possible helping get your moneys worth and protect valuable assets.

Why should you invest?

One of the biggest advantages for a FLIR thermal security camera is that it can provide a clear HD image or video of any potential dangers, such as intruders. FLIR security can even see potential impostors through fog, smoke and lack of ambient light. This gives you the ability to see what a standard camera can, potentially saving your business from any possible dangers, with a second view that spots security breaches in all weather conditions.

Security cameras produced by FLIR Systems, are not effected by power surges, caused by issues from lighting in the electrical wiring. This means the property is monitored around the clock, no matter what has happened; this is where standard CCTV cameras tend to fail.

During the day the power of FLIR security still runs to its fullest potential so, the cameras being blinded by glaring from the sun is no longer a worry as FLIR Systems include sun shields on security cameras like the FC-Series.


What flir security can also be used for:

  • Substation Monitoring.

  • Waste Bunker or Coal Pile Monitoring.

  • Fire Prevention applications, where required to combine with surveillance.


Thermascan are able to provide you with all the necessary information to help keep your property or business safe. If you require any more information regarding the security services we can offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thermal imaging - Security
Thermal imaging - Security
Thermal imaging - Security
Thermal imaging - Security