Thermal Imaging for Mechanical Installations

Mechanical surveys are commonly used for checking hot spots in mechanical systems to prevent any potential issues before they become a problem.

thermal imaging can help with

Overheating of machines and equipment - The use of thermography in mechanical overheating can help prevent any major fires or breakdowns in machinery which could cause harm to you and other people around.

Overheated Bearings - Thermal imaging helps to prevent strain that is put on the motor of any mechanical equipment, which could in turn cause your equipment to fail.

Misalignment and Lubrication Issues - Thermography can help see any poor lubrication of any components this prevents any failure on the equipment meaning your day can keep moving smoothly.

Thermal surveys can play an important part in checking your mechanical equipment and keeping it running to its full potential. Doing this quickly and efficiently , thermography also puts a stop to any time wastage so you can get on with your job with out being slowed down.

Suitable Cameras: 

flir test and measure - tg54, tg56

flir cx series - c2, c3

flir one pro series - one pro


FLIR Exx Series –  E95, E85, E75


FLIR T6xx Series – T640, T660

flir t8xx series - t840

FLIR t10xx series - t1020

The cameras above are perfect for conducting a mechanical survey. However, surveys must be conducted by a qualified personnel who is familiar with the correct procedures.

What you Receive -

You will be issued with a risk assessment and method, as well as any additional information you may require prior to the survey. Once the survey has been conducted, we will assemble a full detailed report of our findings with both thermal and digital photos of any key parts, this is tailored to meet insurance standards.

Once your report has been delivered, don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you may have regarding our services.

Here at Thermascan Ltd all of our engineers hold certified level 2 qualifications in thermography with the experience of test and inspection

Thermographic survey - Mechanical
Thermographic survey - Mechanical
Thermographic survey - Mechanical
Thermographic survey - Mechanical