Thermal Imaging in Video and Film Production

Thermal imaging introduces a new image into the world of film and television, addressing things that many people have never thought about before. It helps demonstrate the many uses thermal imaging has to offer and the many talents it can be used for.

As a corporation we have worked with many productions giving them the resources to create something unique.

Thermography is growing fast in industries, film and television is just one of them. FLIR have collaborated with many brilliant films, music videos and television shows too, helping give an added unique twist to productions.

Suitable Cameras: 

flir t8xx series - t840

FLIR T6xx Series – T640, T660



Thermal imaging is widely used by major film and television companies. Thermascan can supply all the necessary thermal imaging equipment including thermal cameras, a variety of lenses, software, and training as needed.

Some of the television programmes we have been actively involved in include the BBC’s “Life in Cold Blood” and “Big Cat Diaries”, and Living TV’s “Most Haunted”.

Thermal imaging - Film and video production
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Thermal imaging - Film and video production
Thermal imaging - Film and video productions
Thermal imaging - Film and video production
Thermal imaging - Film and video production