Thermal Imaging Fire Detection Software for Waste Sites

For use with biofuel storage, waste storage, waste bunkers, and storage of other bulk materials 

Dedicated for all FLIR A-Series GigE cameras.

TST Fire Indoor software is a bespoke fire detection software for use in waste sites, biomass, and petrochemical sites, amongst others. Combining the use of high-end thermal imaging cameras and water cannons, the software continuously monitors the area, sounding an alarm when an elevated temperature is detected and deploying the water cannon as fire prevention. The software is able to control all set up cameras, utilising their pan and tilt functions and allowing the whole area to be monitored at once. It can also be used for intrusion detection and prevention purposes. Advanced image analysis allows you to detect and filter out vehicles and persons, significantly reducing false alarm rates.

Two types of alarm:

Fire alarm – constantly monitors an entire storage area to detect fires at an early stage.

Temperature alarm – monitors the temperature of the fuel piles specifically to find long term temperature increases.

Thermal imaging - Automation
Thermal imaging - Automatiom
Thermal imaging - Automation
Thermal imaging - Automation

TST Fire Indoor Software has already been utilised by market leading companies such as London Waste and Veolia, as part of their fire prevention and detection systems. 


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