Thermal Imaging for Veterinary Diagnoses

Thermal imaging offers the most advanced temperature measurement system for applications that demand superior thermal uniformity and/ or controlled heat dissipation.

Thermography has the ability to read temperatures, this also makes it sensitive to changes within the anatomy, this includes the nervous systems and skeletal as well as muscles and vascular in the animal. Thermal imaging is also significantly cheaper than x'-rays, MRI and body scans, often being the best for the animal as well due to it being non-invasive.

If you’re considering using FLIR thermal imaging cameras to help look at your animals, here are some ways in which it can help you:

  • Measure how bad the injury may be.

  • Detect early health signs before they are a problem for the animal.

  • Locate problems in an animal’s legs by studying heat and finding things like thorns.

  • Find animals that may be lost in the dark.

  • Help keep an eye on a healing injury before the animal is used again for work or training purposes

  • Quick and non-invasive for the animal involved

Suitable Cameras:  

FLIR T5xx Series – T540, T530

FLIR T6xx Series – T640, T660

flir t8xx series - t840


Due to the cameras being fairly small, the units are portable and come with detachable batteries, this means there are no wires involved reducing the likelihood of trip hazards from taking place as well as any hold backs with electrical facilities. Meaning the cameras are perfect for analysing animals and helping to reduce the stress they may possess.

By detecting heat variations in a non-invasive way, thermal imaging allows vets to analyse and understand various problems in a horse’s joints, tendons and hooves. However, no one other than the owner of the animal has rights to treat the animal that is being diagnosed, unless it is authorised by the vet that is in charge of the personal the animal is going to be stated to..

Thermal imaging - Veterinary
Thermal imaging - Veterinary
Thermal Imaging - Equestrian
Thermal imaging - Equestrian
Thermal imaging - Veterinary
Thermal imaging - Equestrian
Thermal imaging - Veterinary
Thermal imaging - Equestrian