Monthly News Round Up - May

Hello, and welcome to May's edition of our monthly news round up! Featuring the very best articles, stories, and videos shared across our social media channels this month, this list is the comprehensive guide to all you need to know from the world of thermal imaging this month.


"Volcanic Lava Viewed from Space" - Seeker: A thermal imaging camera on the Landsat Data Continuity Mission satellite allowed NASA and US Geological Survey scientists to see through the smoke and safely capture the very moment Paluweh, a volcanic island near Indonesia, erupted.

"Thermal Imaging: Easy to Use, Hard to Live Without" - Fire Engineering: This great article describes how beneficial thermal imaging technology has been to firefighters. Thermal cameras allow them to see far more clearly through smoke, helping to find victims quicker and save more lives.

"Why a smart contact lens is the ultimate wearable" - Computer World: This article discusses the latest research on the development of contact lenses, including the University of Michigan's work in creating a contact lens for soldiers. Part funded by the US military (of course), the lens will use thermal imaging to allow soldiers to see in the dark.

"Using a thermal camera to find motors would mean even more motorcycles, says UCI" - Cycling WeeklyFollowing on from the 'mechanical doping' scandal in professional cycling (featured in April's monthly news round up), the man in charge of the investigations has claimed that using thermal imaging cameras to detect motors raises safety concerns, due to the need for motorcycles in close proximity to the cyclists.

"Mars was once devastated by giant 50-metre tsunamis" - New Scientist: Using thermal imaging from NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft, a team of scientists from the Centre of Astrobiology in Madrid have identified what they believe are clear signs that Mars was once hit by two giant tsunamis. This discovery only adds to the growing evidence that suggests Mars once hosted a large ocean.

"Desert-Living Hornbills Use Their Beaks to Cool Off" - Science News: A team of scientists from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, have found that Yellow-Billed Hornbills living in the Kalahari desert regulate their body temperature through their beaks. The team used thermal imaging in order to demonstrate their theory. 


"Thermal Radiation and Leslie's Cube" - Quantum Boffin: This interesting video demonstrates 'Leslie's Cube', testing the emission of thermal radiation on different surfaces of a cube heated to a uniform temperature.

"Which is the Best Colour Palette for Thermal Imaging" - Roswell Flight Test Crew: Another great video from the guys over at Roswell, in which the crew have a chat with Dave Lee from FLIR. Lee explains how different thermal colour palettes are more suitable for different applications, and how choosing the right palette can make it easier to identify details in a thermal image.

"Infrared images of Turrialba Volcano eruption" - USA Network News: This video captures the very moment a cloud of lava and smoke erupts out of the mouth of the volcano, through a thermal imaging lens. The Turrialba volcano in central Costa Rica erupted earlier this month.

"Thermal imaging zombie cows in South Carolina" - Thermal Imaging USA: To finish this month's news round up, a silly little video from the US. It seems filming cows through an infrared lens gives them a slight zombie-like appearance!

So, that's it. All the stuff we have loved this month. Don't forget, there's always lots more on our social media channels each day. See the links below for how to find us. 

See you in June for your next monthly news round up!