Monthly News Round Up - April

Welcome to our brand new feature; a monthly round up of the most popular news stories and features shared across our social media channels over in April. For your viewing pleasure, we have put together this run down of the most interesting, funny, (and even cute!) stories, articles and videos from the world of thermal imaging this past month. 

So much goes on each month in this rapidly developing and changing industry, so stick with us for the comprehensive review of all you need to know this month!


"The Business Case for Thermal" - Security Info Watch: A great article exploring the benefits of thermal imaging in security and video surveillance.

"Sheffield Hallam University develops technology to reduce risk of infection after C-sections" - Sheffield Telegraph: Scientists at the university are using thermal imaging to identify the different characteristics of infected and non-infected wounds, which, they believe, could then lead to determining whether a patient is at risk of developing an infection.

"Pioneering thermal technology to detect cyclists at junctions in York" - ITV News: Thermal imaging is being introduced as a way of detecting cyclist's 'heat signatures' which will then, in turn, adjust signals to give more 'green time' to cyclists.

"Photographer Annie Liebovitz Captures Badass WOMEN in a New Series" - The Creators Project: Legendary photographer Annie Liebovitz uses thermal imaging 'aesthetic' to capture artist and film maker Laura Poitras, as part of her 'WOMEN: New Portraits' exhibition, on display in San Francisco now.

"Understanding the Fundamentals of Thermal Imaging" - AZo Sensors: This useful and informative article breaks down the science behind thermal imaging and infrared, and explains it in easy to understand terms.

"Secret Thermal Camera Footage Allegedly Shows Seven Pro Cyclists Using Illegal Motors in Bikes" - Fittish: Footage captured with a FLIR thermal imaging camera allegedly indicates pro-cyclists are using electric motors in order to improve their performance, a practice known as 'motorised doping'. After recent drugs scandals, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out across the sport. 

"AI-powered cameras make thermal imaging more accessible" - Engadget UK: Interesting article discussing FLIR's new Boson thermal camera module, which combines artificial intelligence technology with thermal imaging, allowing specific objects, including people, to be identified and tracked.

"WWF develops a new technology to stop poachers in their tracks" - World Wildlife Fund: The WWF have designed and installed two systems, featuring FLIR thermal imaging cameras, to identify human activity in protected areas. Using the system, the WWF have been monitoring the boundaries of a national park in Kenya, giving a much needed boost to their anti-poaching efforts.


"Stupid Thermal Imaging Tricks" - In their latest scientific experiment, the Roswell Flight Test Crew demonstrate the 'capabilities and limitations of thermal imaging cameras'.

"Exploring Energy: Infrared" - The National Space Agency explore what exactly infrared energy is, including a look at the very experiment carried out by Sir William Herschel, which lead to the discovery of infrared.

"Thermal Imaging Applications in Food Industry" - Our favourite discovery this month has been this collection of adorable videos from a young youtuber, explaining the various applications of thermal imaging across different industries.

So that brings us to the end of our round up of the top stories and videos from across our social media channels throughout April. We hope you have enjoyed this first instalment of our all-new regular blog feature.

See you next month for May's best bits!