Six reasons to use our hire service

1. Discover the benefits of infrared

Hiring an infrared camera is a cost-effective introduction to the fascinating world of thermal imaging, and will clearly demonstrate how infrared can save you money from the very first day.

2. Try before you buy

An infrared camera is a long term investment, and hiring the system you want to buy is the ideal way to make sure that it is tailored to your own specific needs and applications. By using the equipment, you will also discover what, if any, extra lenses and other equipment you may need to fully get the most out of your equipment.

3. Convince others that thermal imaging can boost profitability

Hiring a thermal imaging system and carrying out inspections in your workplace will undoubtedly reveal potential problem areas that would have otherwise gone undetected. These findings can then present a convincing argument to management for implementing a regular infrared inspection programme and including the purchase of your own camera in the annual budget.

4. Use more than one camera in your organisation

Sometimes one infrared camera is not enough; multiple installations may need to be inspected at the same time, or inspections may need to be carried out at different sites simultaneously. You may also need different cameras for different inspection scenarios, i.e. predictive maintenance or research and development. In these situations, hiring a camera is an ideal solution.

5. Avoid downtime whilst your camera is being serviced

If you already have an infrared camera, and your organisation, like Thermascan, is ISO 9001 certified, it will need to be returned periodically to be calibrated. (We recommend you get your camera calibrated annually). Although calibration is carried out as quickly as possible, hiring a camera whilst your own is out of service ensures you never lose valuable inspection time.

6. Short and long-term hire

Thermascan’s hire agreements range from short to long-term periods. The minimum hire period is just three days. 


So there you have it, 6 reasons why our hire service could be the perfect solution for you!

For more information, including what cameras are available, please see our hire page. Or give us a call on 01234 219421.