Thermal Imaging in Marine Surveying

The use of thermal imaging in marine is frequently used for detecting fails upon a ship, helping to prevent time wastage.

Previously only available to the U.S Navy, infrared technology now brings state of the art thermal imaging to general marine surveying, meaning you can quickly and accurately use infrared detection to perform the four ‘Elements of the Marine Survey’:

Pre-purchase surveys |  Insurance surveys | Appraisal inspections | Damage inspections.

Thermal Imaging can help with:

  • Mechanical Breakdowns - Thermography can see things that the naked eye is unable to, so when looking at mechanical equipment spotting a fault can prevent any problems with the ship further down the line.

  • Coolant Blockages - Problems with coolants can cause problems with the engine, the thermal camera is able to detect this by simply scanning across, meaning there’s no need to remove the item from the engine to inspect it on its own.

  • Fuel Systems - By using thermal cameras to survey the fuel systems you can prevent any impairment of safety on the ship and ruin the schedule that the ship has.

  • Electrical Faults - Thermal Imaging can spot electrical faults or failures, that could potentially cause problems in the vessel with navigation and other electrics that are used on the ship.

Thermography enables the person surveying the vessel to find problems that may not have been spotted otherwise, and prevents the inconvenience of taking things apart. Helping detect anomalies amongst the ship by seeing different temperatures that could turn into problems for the ship.

As thermal cameras have the ability to spot failures before they occur, they have the ability to extend the life cycle of plant equipment and create energy savings within the industry

Suitable Cameras:   

FLIR T6xx SeriesT640, T660




The cameras above are perfect for conducting any marine survey. When carrying out an inspection the survey must be conducted by qualified personal who is familiar with the correct procedures

What you Receive -

Before the survey is conducted, you will be issued with a risk assessment and method statement, as well as any other information you may require for the marine survey. As part of the assessment you will receive a full detailed report of our findings with both thermal and digital photos of any key components, tailored to meet insurance standards.

Once your report has been delivered, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our service.

Here at Thermascan Ltd all of our engineers hold level II qualifications in thermography with the experience of test and inspection

Thermographic survey - Marine
Thermographic survey - Marine
Thermographic survey - Marine
Thermographic survey - Marine