Thermal Imaging in Automated Inspections and Condition Monitoring

Safety is important in any industry; accidents need to be avoided and production needs to be continuous; automation has the capability to help with all of these and more. With the use of FLIR automation cameras, equipment failures and breaks can be detected and controlled from a remote monitoring area.

Thermal Imaging cameras can help to ensure safety and avoid unplanned outages. Therefore, many industries have already discovered the benefits of implementing an infrared camera that conducts condition monitoring continuously. Automation cameras provide the ideal solution for machine vision and industrial safety, allowing for ‘round-the-clock’ condition monitoring through thermal imaging.


Suitable cameras:

a3xx series - a310, a310f, a320, ax8, a310pt

a6xx series - a615

a66xx series - a6600, a6650

axx series - a35, a65

ogi series - gf620

The use of automation in condition monitoring is highly used in industries, as it prevents any costly failures from taking place, that could cause strain to business production. Sometimes businesses use thermal automation cameras to monitor production as anomalies can cause some potentially dangerous situations. For example, heat build up in electrical and mechanical installations, shows that equipment is in bad health, this could then possibly result in equipment failure. By having thermal cameras monitoring your facilities all the time, you no longer need to rely on periodic inspections by an engineer; instead when a temperature reaches a certain level, alarms are then triggered simultaneously.

FLIR automation cameras can be used for:

Automated inspections | Process control | Condition Monitoring | Fire prevention and detection | Continuous optical gas imaging

For more information on Automation, thermal detection monitoring and thermal imaging, take a look at this handy guide from FLIR.

Thermal imaging - Automation
Thermal imaging - Automatiom
Thermal imaging - Automation
Thermal imaging - Automation