Thermal Imaging in the Building Industry


Suitable Cameras: 

FLIR Ex Series – E5, E6, E8

FLIR Exxbx Series – E50bx, E60bx, E95, E85, E75

FLIR T4xxbx Series – T440bx

FLIR T6xxbx Series –T640bx

FLIR T10xx SERIES - T1020


Inspecting buildings using a thermal imaging camera is an effective and non-invasive method of monitoring and analysing the condition of buildings.

Infrared thermography can efficiently detect building and/or design faults that lead to energy losses, allowing cost-effective remedial work to be undertaken with minimal disruption.

The use of thermography in building can help with:

Detecting construction faults | Drying of buildings |  Detecting air leaks | Finding leaks in flat roofs
Building renovations | Fire protection | Damp and mildew prevention

Thermographic survey - Building
Thermographic survey - Building
Thermographic survey - Building
Thermographic survey - Building